Exciting News! The Amazing Army is here!!

The Amazing Army
Image ‘The Amazing Army’ by Louise A. Elliott
(author of The Superfruit Juice Book)

Most parents know that the foundation for good health, strong bodies and sharp minds begins with good nutrition. However, implementing healthy eating can often be difficult when faced with a resistant child; especially one who has been brainwashed by junk food advertisers and their packet-food fantasies!

Yet the struggle to raise a healthy child is now over with The Amazing Army children’s nutrition book. This engaging, rhyming story for young children cultivates kids’ self-motivation to eat fruit and vegetables, plus reject junk foods!

Louise explains, ‘As a health educator and a mother, I was invited one day to my son’s Grade 1 class to explain why they needed to eat more fruit and vegetables, and avoid junk foods. Therefore, I went about developing a storyline decorated with heroism and morale – a story with goodies and baddies! The resulting message engaged children to reject junk foods, but motivated them to choose fruits and vegetables!’

The Amazing Army lives inside children’s bodies. Lead by Captain Imm’une, The Amazing Army are energised by the colourful fruit and vegetables delivered by hero, Major Energy, helping them to capture nasty germs called Bad Bugs. However, The Army’s power is weakened by the sweets and treats offered by spy, Sneaky Sweetie.

Readers are invited to join a Mission with a healthy-eating Goal Chart, and then receive a Major Energy Award. There’s an activity section designed to reinforce the healthy message, plus recipes and health education for parents, too.

The positive outcome for children’s health after reading this story and doing the activities is that the consumption of more fruits and vegetables, and the limiting of junk foods, will boost their immune systems and help prevent lifestyle diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Healthy eating Goal Chart & ‘Major Energy’ Award
Activity section that reinforces the healthy message
Recipes for yummy snacks using fruit & vegetables
Growing your own food – how to make a Terrarium
Parent nutrition education section
See kids dressed up in the characters’ costumes,
along with their song words plus actions
Illustrations by former Disney and Hanna Barbera
animator, Peter McDonald.

To add even more excitement to the release of this wonderful book? A portion of the profits of sales will be donated by Louise to support our schools and kids here at Nutrition Plus!!! Having seen this book in its final draft form we just know you will love it. To purchase your copy head over to http://www.GoFreshKids.com.au/shop or email Louise directly on info@GoFreshKids.com.au.

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