Ten Million Meals

This program is an initiative of the Global Juice Plus+ Foundation with a vision to donate 10 million meals of Juice Plus+ Complete® in over 20 countries.


Schools Program

The program provides funding to schools to engage students, teachers and community in helping to build healthier lifestyles for children.


Small Grants

The small grants program allows Nutrition Plus to partner with like-minded Not-for-profit organisations (NFP’s) in Australia and New Zealand.


We currently have 26 projects operating across Australia and New Zealand.

These Projects include school and after school or school holiday projects, as well as projects assisting homeless or disadvantaged people of all ages.

Tingha Public School

Tingha is small school of approximately 60 students located in northern NSW. We initially provided funding to repair and extend a fruit and vegetable garden in 2012 which is now flourishing. This garden has now extended to a bush-tucker garden and both traditional and western foods are incorporated into a cooking program for students that is also supported by Nutrition Plus. This program also funds children to visit a variety of local farms to learn where food comes from. Additionally, we supply the Juice Plus+ children’s product to every student at the school on a daily basis

One of the greatest outcomes of our involvement is that children are turning up for class on a more regular basis incentivized by having the opportunity to work in the garden and receive the product. The project has engaged the students, teachers and community in helping to build healthier lifestyles for the children of the region


Biraban Public School is located in Lake Macquarie, NSW. Nutrition Plus has assisted this school with a mini fruit orchard, a series of garden beds scattered throughout the school for edible gardens vegies and bush-tucker) and a yarning circle that also incorporates plants of local Aboriginal significance. These school gardens provide spaces and opportunities for learning as well as to engage parents and the community.

Nutrition Plus is also actively engaged in Birban’s breakfast program with our own Elsie Stuart volunteering there on Friday mornings to serve children Juice Plus+ Complete as well as other breakfast foods to hungry children. Many of the classes at Biraban also distribute Juice Plus Soft Chews to students each day as part f their class routine and focus on health and wellbeing

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