Stolen Generations Conference, Adelaide 24-25th August, 2015

Stolen Generations Conference

24th-25th August 2015

The Grand Chancellor Hotel on Hindley

Adelaide S.A

This Conference is hosted by United Conference Services, with a great line up of Speakers Australia wide. We aim to focus and help establish a national network and resources through information sharing and to bring together men, women and organisations as a united voice against our culture being torn apart, through the lack of understanding indigenous values and way of life.

Today’s society is plagued with stories of all the wrong in our communities.

Indigenous people have strived to better their communities and families which has given rise to countless numbers of great initiative.

Our Conference is a way to highlight these great achievements and share knowledge   which has always been our cultural way.

The backbone of our existence is family custom and spirituality, we believe that from sharing experiences and knowledge, we become stronger as a collective.

The Stolen Generations

The Stolen Generations are the generations of Aboriginal children taken away or removed from their families by Governments, churches and welfare bodies to be brought up in institutes or fostered out to white families.

It is not known precisely how many aboriginal children were removed, when the Aborigines Welfare Board (formerly the Aborigines Protection Board) was abolished. Poor record keeping, the loss of records and changes to departmental structures have made it almost impossible to trace many connections.

Almost every Aboriginal family has been affected in some way by the policies of child removal. Taking children from their families was and is one of the most devastating practices since white settlement and has profound repercussions for all aboriginal people today.

This Conference is opened to all interested attendees, the sole purpose of this Conference is purely to come together to learn and understand the continued events and effects of the Stolen Generations.

Come, share, Network, Listen & Learn at this unforgettable Conference.

We have a great line up of Speakers over the 2 days. Opening Key Note Speaker: Archie Roach, who will also perform “Took the Children Away’. Register also for our Gala Networking Dinner on Monday evening, be entertained with a  special performance by Archie Roach.

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